Ka-Yee Essoe (劉家宜)

fiction writer


Shazzwick of Land
Book 1 of the Unnamed Chronicles

War is metastasising. Born with a coveted magic, Magnolia wants her mother back and Shazzwick of Land has promised to help. Of an immortal race so rare that most scholars think mythical, Shazz is one with the land and creation rejoices in aiding him. For the first time, he has something to lose, for Magnolia alone has the magic to defeat the dark-elf sorceress-queen Jezzera who shattered Mags’s family—just to find Dayus of Land corrupted by Jezzera to drive her wars.

Can he keep his mortal love alive as she confronts the war-mongering sorceress-queen?


Book 2:
Cath of Land

When Time Becomes Relevant
(A 1,375-word flash fiction)

Creative Pursuit


Then, something beautiful augmented that vision. After the pandemic halted the urban-youth ministry in which I served, I wanted to continue serving in some way beyond my work, so I started writing novels that aim to bring hope and joy during difficult circumstances.

words can heal

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It Matters

Representation Matters. Why? Because of the Bible — e.g., the theological concept of “imago dei,” or just look at Jesus’s bunch of misfit friends! Moreover, between my disabilities (delayed sleep phase disorder, dyslexia) and “undeserving” familial history, I know what it means to work twice as hard to excel (or even to “pass”), just to be deny opportunities. I want better for the next generation, and I will do my part.

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