For the Love of Food


Pot Roast

“This woman has the most unnatural affection for pot roast and heavy cream.”

download_image_here_-_redbreast_12_year_old_cask_strength_-_hi_res-955x1024Whiskey Loves

  • First and truest love goes to the Irish RedBreast. Single malt, one of the only 2 pure pot still whiskeys alive today.
  • Dreamy, normally unattainable love goes to Glenmorangie Signet.
  • Secondary love = Scotch.
  • Adventure times are often spent with Rye.
  • Occasionally, Bourbon can convince me for a dance.

Cooking and Recipes: Speciality = Yummy Ugly Foods

After finding it disappointing to eat out in exburbia (before graduate school), I started cooking. I will probably post some of the most requested recipes at some point and tag them with “Food”, e.g.

See my recipes!