Academic Research

Joey Ka-Yee Essoe (劉家宜)

cognitive neuroscience. learning enhancement. therapeutic learning.


About Me


An admirer of Deuteronomy, kittens, and one specific Irish Whisky, I was born and raised in Hong Kong under English rule. After completing the infamous HKCEE, I moved to San Francisco, for I longed to be in a society that was tolerant of quirky and independent women.

I have been interested in cognition since childhood; I have never envisioned anything but a life in research and science. The fact that academia seems to be a natural home for other quirky and independent people was a gratifying surprise.


Scientific Research


Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine

Current Research

Enhancing Therapeutic Learning in Behaviour Therapy

Post-doc research fellow
Johns Hopkins Center for OCD, Anxiety, & Related Disorder for Children



Past Research

Enhancing Learning and Retention using Distinctive Virtual Contexts

Graduate Researcher, NSF GRFP fellow
Rissman Memory Laboratory, Department of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles (2012-2018)

Affliation before UCLA:
Gazzaley Laboratory, University of California, San Francisco (2010-2012)
Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory, San Francisco State University (2001-2006)


Fun beyond the laboratory

For Joy

I started creative writing in 2021.

Off Campus

Adventures at home and abroad.

For Food

One of my favourite things is cooking.

For Love

I am married to my favourite person in the world.